A little fun with EUR/CHF

EURCHF H1 (11-01-2016 0909).png

Pippin’ aint easy out here. Actually, with my new QB strategy, I’ve done okay for the few weeks I tried it in October.

There’s a shit ton going on in this chart. I apologize.

Buy on the EUR/CHF at 1.0840. Stop at 50 with a limit of 100 (pretty bold but I’ll go over that later). The Black line denotes the hourly trend. So, its going north to Winterfell. I have the 5 and 10 SMA that follows along the candlesticks. And, the 100 and 200 SMA coming in from the top left corner and crossing at my entry (blue arrow).

All signals were there for a valid entry, so that’s what I did, I entered. But, I have a huge issue and its a reoccurring one to boot. The timing on my entries SUCK. Take this trade for example. Entered and saw it decline, rather quickly, at a total -23 pips. But, how do I enter trades at better times. I think for this strategy, I really need to wait for confirmation that the SMA lines have crossed and SSD has broken out of the overbought/oversold range. I think this will help eliminate all this negativity in my life (no pun intended).

IF, I entered at the correct price point, I would have had a +44 pip at its peak instead of the +21 because of my shit entry. That’s fucking double. And, I learned my lesson about cashing out early with that amount of pips. Boom, money in the bank. Also, when the time comes to increase my lot size, timing my entry will be hugely important since I will require more capital to cover those negatives once they occur.

This trade is sort of special for me and I want to experiment with how its going to  act over the next few days or weeks. The fun stuff lies with the crossing of 100 and 200 SMA’s. It’s a huge indicator that the trend will reverse; which, of course has been happening since 10/23. However, the EUR has been so bearish across the board lately, it was tough to pick up using just the SMA indicator. Let’s hope a new long term trend is in order.

UPDATE: Yeah, that sucked. I don’t even want to post a picture because its pretty embarassing. So basically the trade closed at -53.2 when the banks came and caused price to drop dramatically. My gut was completely wrong, but I guess I can blame the big guys for coming in like that. On the the next one.


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