Back from a week off

So, last week was pretty crazy with work and I didn’t have a chance to watch the markets enough to enter any trades. I was tired from being sick the week before and I just wasn’t up for anything with the forex market.

I injured my shoulder and got a few days off of work. If the pain meds don’t hijack my brain, I will be able to do some research and get a better grasp on this forex thing.

Trade 1:

EURCHF H1 (11-07-2016 1230).png

After that last debacle of a trade with EUR/CHF, I re-entered a position today with the same pair; is it revenge? Hell yeah, the North remembers. I intend to catch only a few pips and hold it for a few hours. The SSD indicator is heading negative on the hour chart but the daily chart says a different story. The trend on the daily chart is negative, but price (if it wants to act normal) is going to correct itself over the course of today.


Entered EUR/JPY as a short position shortly after my EUR/CHF trade. Going in at a 30SL and 60 limit. It looks as it may have a bit more momentum to go further but lets take it slow.

EURJPY H1 (11-07-2016 1250).png

UPDATE trade 1: My target was reached and I posted a gain of 15.2 pips. Not all that shabby considering it is exactly where I wanted to exit. The SSD seems that it may descend further over the next few hours. Just happy to get back on a positive mindset after that big loss.What kind of sucks is that after I exited the trade, it continued to descend until it reached my  original Limit (obviously, right?).

EURCHF H1 (11-07-2016 1402).png


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