Welcome to the life of Pippinlongstockings. A 28 year old who is sick of the everyday grind and is giving the whole Forex thing a go to live a better, more fulfilling life. Even after all that I have studied over the past few months about FX, I still have no idea what I’m doing (sort of).

It’s time I begin documenting my journey as I go from playing with my demo accounts to opening a real money account.

FX is a wild world. I’ve traveled many corners trying to find the easiest way to trade with the most minimal time necessary. Well, to my findings, there is no easy way. All the marketing gimicks, high cost ‘professional’ training sites, and people looking to make a buck off simpletons like me are at every turn in the FX world.

I trade in Europe. My full-time job in a restaurant doesn’t help me along my journey, but luckily I live in a place where I can trade a few different trading sessions when I have my free time. Price action, technical analysis and reading markets are how I base my trades; how good I am at basing those trades is questionable.

I’ll be throwing in a few non-FX posts here and there as well.

Welcome to my journey.