Late night entry using my new friend Ichimoku and QB together

I may have discovered a diamond in the rough for my trading style. After seeing a possible trade setup for the QB strategy, I went to twitter to see if any one else was tweeting about it. I guess I found a user on going in on the same setup but utilizing this crazy looking spiderweb/cloud/smoke looking 4H chart. I was completely taken away as to what the hell was going that I neeeeeded to research what the hell was actually going on. Would you just look at it?!

EURAUD H4 (11-08-2016 0941).png

How in the hell do you one day just make that up?! I pity that person who has no clue how to read any of whats going on in this picture. Luckily, it’s pretty simple if you’re familiar with each individual element.

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2 trades going into the weekend

So, Friday showed up and I was sick as a dog. Regardless, I hit the markets to look for some signals to enter. I honestly didn’t put crazy time into it but I was lucky to find two seperate trades that I considered valid. I couldn’t take screen shots of when I entered, but I closed them this morning so I will post the as I see them now:


Above, is my AUD/USD buy position and as you can see at my time of entry, all signs were valid. I kind of cheated with the SSD but it worked out in my favor. The daily trend is an uptrend so I took that into factor as well. Directly after entering, I went slightly negative and then price just kinda hung out all day before all markets closed for the weekend. Kinda forgot about that part. So, watched it pretty closely as markets re-opened and with no crazy news coming out, I kept it open while I went to sleep. Woke up at the perfect timing as SSD crossed to head south and bring price down. Ended with a +22.4 on the trade or +.44% bringing me to 3.61% over the last 2 weeks.


Here, we have yet another sell position from me with the EUR/CHF. I’m not sure why I tend to go for more sell positions, maybe its the time I read markets and enter trades? hmm. Anyway, I entered this trade pretty cocky and much to early. It almost cost me being too early. As soon as I entered, price went north for a good while before someone came in and dropped the price in my favor. Unfortunately, no correcting really happened, instead price is still falling ever so slightly. At closing, I saw the market correcting itself and exited with a +13 pips, +.25% and overall +3.86% on my account. Let’s see what happens over the next hour or so when markets open here in Europe.