First post election trades

The days leading up to the election and after the shocking news that Donald Trump will now be the next president of the United States, we all saw USD pairs go wild. Descending hundreds of pips on each pair to shortly ascend back to even or even surpass price before the election.

Even with all this craziness the day of and after election day, the markets went back to doing what they do. It was interesting to see how each of the different markets reacted but in time we will see the real effect of the Presidential election.

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Late night entry using my new friend Ichimoku and QB together

I may have discovered a diamond in the rough for my trading style. After seeing a possible trade setup for the QB strategy, I went to twitter to see if any one else was tweeting about it. I guess I found a user on going in on the same setup but utilizing this crazy looking spiderweb/cloud/smoke looking 4H chart. I was completely taken away as to what the hell was going that I neeeeeded to research what the hell was actually going on. Would you just look at it?!

EURAUD H4 (11-08-2016 0941).png

How in the hell do you one day just make that up?! I pity that person who has no clue how to read any of whats going on in this picture. Luckily, it’s pretty simple if you’re familiar with each individual element.

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