A little fun with EUR/CHF

EURCHF H1 (11-01-2016 0909).png

Pippin’ aint easy out here. Actually, with my new QB strategy, I’ve done okay for the few weeks I tried it in October.

There’s a shit ton going on in this chart. I apologize.

Buy on the EUR/CHF at 1.0840. Stop at 50 with a limit of 100 (pretty bold but I’ll go over that later). The Black line denotes the hourly trend. So, its going north to Winterfell. I have the 5 and 10 SMA that follows along the candlesticks. And, the 100 and 200 SMA coming in from the top left corner and crossing at my entry (blue arrow).

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USD/CHF Sell Position


Right on, got another signal that I entered sort of late. Didn’t catch it as I was watching Gotham and Detective Gordan the whole afternoon. Love that guy.

Anyway, looking to continue my winning streak and entered my second short position in a row. Since lines were about to cross and all indicators are reversing I saw it as a good signal to take! It’s my second in a row and hopefully its going to the be the best trade ever. Entered in at .9934 with a limit of 30. Wish i put my loss a but higher now that I think of it.  Game face on, go get em Bears! (the term, not baseball team in the world series, baseball is terrible).

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