USD/CHF Sell Position


Right on, got another signal that I entered sort of late. Didn’t catch it as I was watching Gotham and Detective Gordan the whole afternoon. Love that guy.

Anyway, looking to continue my winning streak and entered my second short position in a row. Since lines were about to cross and all indicators are reversing I saw it as a good signal to take! It’s my second in a row and hopefully its going to the be the best trade ever. Entered in at .9934 with a limit of 30. Wish i put my loss a but higher now that I think of it.  Game face on, go get em Bears! (the term, not baseball team in the world series, baseball is terrible).

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AUD/JPY Sell Position

audjpy-h1-10-26-2016-0845 So here we are. The first trade I have entered with my new blog. Such a proud moment.

So, in all honesty I entered the trade a bit early at 80.144 and perhaps a bit cocky as well. All criteria is going to possibly hit and with all indicators pointing in that direction, I entered. The AUD has been pretty bullish as of late, but since it is paired with JPY, big moves are easily possible. The resistance to move further upwards hasn’t been hit since mid July, so my stop is located at -30 where my limit is right below the latest swing/support at +55. Not exactly 2:1 but I felt it was a good spot since it was right above the .50 line. I am going to be watching the SSD for the next few hours pretty closely to see if I need to exit this trade early.

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lets get this party started

young-game-match-kidsSo here I am! Pippinlongstockings coming at you from the heart of Europe. Happy to be here, happy to have you. I’m going to be documenting my newbie FX journey as I go from my demo accounts to a real life money account. It’s going to be a big step so this blog is going to be a help one day down the line.

But why a blog you ask? Here’s a superrr funny story. Two nights ago, I entered a USD/JPY sell position a bit earlier than I should have, but since my criteria for my strategy allows such a big stop loss and the way the markets were reacting, I read it as a trend reversal. After a few hours, I was +39 and on top of the world. “Should I exit and just take the pips? Na, stay in, you’re super smart Pippin! True, true!” was literally going through my head. So what happened a few hours later? BOOM, -56! Sick bro. Oh, that’s not funny at all. Actually, it’s sort of depressing now that my dreams are ruined forever.

I didn’t understand how an almost -120 pip swing could happen so quickly. Granted trading the Yen will always bring crazy swings, but why poor ole’ me in such a short period of time.

That’s the moment I said, I need a blog along with my trade journal for future reference. So here we are.

I’ll post other things along with FX to jazz your life up if you decide to follow me.