Risk Disclosure

Forex is a HIGH RISK Investment, do not trade any money you cannot afford to lose. Honestly, it is not for everyone. Please do your due diligence and study, research and learn all you can before you feel comfortable putting up money to trade. Open demo accounts to learn how markets work, read the news and create a strategy.

I am not a professional. I actually have ZERO real trading experience. Anything regarding opinion, news, research, analysis and all information I post on my blog is to be considered general commentary. This website is not a guide or advice for your own trading. I, Pippinlongstockings, will NOT be responsible for any loses or damages that you incur while trading.

Anything I post here can also change at MY will. The accuracy of all material is opinion.

Trading Forex and over the internet involves many risks including slow response times, no connectivity and platform issues. I cannot take any responsibility for any issues that you incur.