First post election trades

The days leading up to the election and after the shocking news that Donald Trump will now be the next president of the United States, we all saw USD pairs go wild. Descending hundreds of pips on each pair to shortly ascend back to even or even surpass price before the election.

Even with all this craziness the day of and after election day, the markets went back to doing what they do. It was interesting to see how each of the different markets reacted but in time we will see the real effect of the Presidential election.

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Back from a week off

So, last week was pretty crazy with work and I didn’t have a chance to watch the markets enough to enter any trades. I was tired from being sick the week before and I just wasn’t up for anything with the forex market.

I injured my shoulder and got a few days off of work. If the pain meds don’t hijack my brain, I will be able to do some research and get a better grasp on this forex thing.

Trade 1:

EURCHF H1 (11-07-2016 1230).png

After that last debacle of a trade with EUR/CHF, I re-entered a position today with the same pair; is it revenge? Hell yeah, the North remembers. I intend to catch only a few pips and hold it for a few hours. The SSD indicator is heading negative on the hour chart but the daily chart says a different story. The trend on the daily chart is negative, but price (if it wants to act normal) is going to correct itself over the course of today.


Entered EUR/JPY as a short position shortly after my EUR/CHF trade. Going in at a 30SL and 60 limit. It looks as it may have a bit more momentum to go further but lets take it slow.

EURJPY H1 (11-07-2016 1250).png

UPDATE trade 1: My target was reached and I posted a gain of 15.2 pips. Not all that shabby considering it is exactly where I wanted to exit. The SSD seems that it may descend further over the next few hours. Just happy to get back on a positive mindset after that big loss.What kind of sucks is that after I exited the trade, it continued to descend until it reached my  original Limit (obviously, right?).

EURCHF H1 (11-07-2016 1402).png

A little fun with EUR/CHF

EURCHF H1 (11-01-2016 0909).png

Pippin’ aint easy out here. Actually, with my new QB strategy, I’ve done okay for the few weeks I tried it in October.

There’s a shit ton going on in this chart. I apologize.

Buy on the EUR/CHF at 1.0840. Stop at 50 with a limit of 100 (pretty bold but I’ll go over that later). The Black line denotes the hourly trend. So, its going north to Winterfell. I have the 5 and 10 SMA that follows along the candlesticks. And, the 100 and 200 SMA coming in from the top left corner and crossing at my entry (blue arrow).

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